Meet Blazon Brush!

Premiering Design 001: Diamond Bezel Hairbrush Collection

Design for the Culture

We are invested in inspiring a thriving community through bold and expressive design.

Hello, We Are Blazon!

bla·zon [bley-zuh n]: To display prominently or vividly

We are creators, innovators, and makers who aim to design products that reflect the personal style and swag of the people who use them.

We aim to create remarkable and empowering products inspired by urban culture.

The Blazon team, hailing from Oakland, Harlem, and Los Angeles, assembles experience from diverse fields including architecture, product design, and media.

Our Story

We noticed that high-end, fashionable hairbrushes were absent in the marketplace, and sought out to build a design company to bring them to market. Our products represent standing out, the urban community and being outwardly expressive.

Our Vision

We want to see our culture and communities reflected in the marketplace.

We believe that building community businesses can help revive our local economies.

Our Mission

Design expressive, stylish, and functional products that celebrate urban culture.

Our Inspiration

Good design at the intersection of hair styling, fashion, sneakers, music and sports.

Our designs are inspired by you!

Product Debut

BLAZON BRUSH, bridging the gap between function, style, and urban culture. 

With urban culture consistently showcasing young men and women with cheap, plastic, drugstore hairbrushes sticking out of their pockets, our team recognized that the community deserved a more stylish, chic, custom accessory that was both functional and visually appealing. Hair styling and design is a unique aspect in the culture, and we utilized our unique resources to develop the ultimate fashion accessory. A hairbrush that represents standing out and being outwardly expressive. Be Blazon.